Was?! Diese Seite wurde nicht gefunden? Na sowas aber auch!

Ich habe gehört, das kommt auf den besten Blogs mal vor. Zum Glück bin ich ja da und passe auf. Auch wenn der Link den Du gerade geklickt hast vielleicht nicht funktioniert hat, bist Du trotzdem richtig. Denn hier findest Du selbstgenähte alternative Mode, Tipps und Tricks rund um alte Schnittmuster und viele lustige Geschichten aus dem Nähzimmer.

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  • Purple Lamour Dress 💜
    Sewing a strapless dress has long been one of the biggest challenges for me. Just because I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear that anyway. But now I dared and sewed an absolute dream dress out of purple wild silk. Few sewing patterns fit as perfectly and are as beautiful as Charm Patterns’ Lamour Dress. The cut … Read more
  • My New Year’s Velvet dress – How I transformed 4 patterns and drafted even my own ones
    Be warned, this post will get fluffy but it’s not about cats at all! It’s about me, testing out a new kind of fabric I have never sewn before: Stretch velvet, called “Nicki-Samt” in German. So if you dare to read about that fluffy sewing adventure, go on reading!
  • Vintage Pattern of the week – Wooldress with shawl-collar from 1956
    This week I’m going to show you a pattern you won’t ifn anywhere on the internet. I’m not selling this pattern, it’s just some inspiration to those of you who love the fashion of the 1950’s as much als I do.
  • Stripes and Flamingos
    and it’s time to show my results for the #sewyourwardrobebasics challenge. I’m still inspired by the idea so sew at least one basic wardrobe piece for myself every month and I hope this sewing-flow will stay in my mind for a while. I’ve never been sewing so much like I do these days. So let’s … Read more
  • A guide on buying fabric online
    Not only travel bloggers are affected by COVID-19. The quarantines and the bans of public events makes blogging difficult for all of us, who deal with non-digital products in our blogs. I may not have to go outside for sewing, but I can’t sew without fabrics and supplies. Buying fabrics online can be quite difficult. … Read more