The august’s theme from the #sewyourwardrobebasics challenge was „workwear“. For the people who can go to the office again after the corona lockdown that might be a suit or a dress, but what about the people who are working from home anyway?
I was busy a lot (with work 🙂 ) during the summer months, so I needed a simple and motivating sewing project to get started again. So the challenge’s theme from sea of teal was perfect to start with.

The pattern

The pattern is from the Fashion Style magazine of June 2020 (06/2020). I was looking for a wraplook jumpsuit for a long time and got really happy when I found this one. The pattern is made quite simple: There are two overlapping front parts, a back part, pants and a belt. The „sleeves“ are cut with the shoulders and it comes with pockets!

Everything is made out of jersey. This fact made me a little suspicious at first: Jersey Onepieces might be comfortable, but they tend to look like pyjamas. Also this fabric stretches a lot when used on long pieces like pants or dresses. So I was afraid that it would look worn out soon.  But since I really neede some nice new clothing for working from home, I decided to give it a try.

I made this jumpsuit in a size 42 because it has a loose fit. At first, I didn’t change anything in the pattern – A decision I deeply regrettet (More about that in the paragraph „sewing“).

The fabric

I bought this fabric at my local fabric store. It’s a viscose jersey with a very soft and silky touch. It’s black and white and has a nice mandala pattern printed on.  The fabric was quite expensive (20€/m), but it feels wonderful soft and cool on the skin and was very good to work with. For the belt I used some black jersey I already had at home.

Sewing the jumpsuit

In the beginning i thought that jumpsuit would be very easy to sew. The seams on the sides and shoulders were done quickly and the neckline was also easypeasy. The legs of the pants were only made with straight seams and even the pockets weren’t complicated. Since this jumpsuit is made of jersey, it wasn’t neccessary to iron all the seams and press them apart. I just finished them with my overlock machine and pressed them to one side.

When I was in the middle of sewing, I suddenly realized the the fitting of the jumpsuit wasn’t what I wanted. The top part was way too big in size 42. The overlapping pieces in the center front were too big and hang down over my chest, making a wobble on the waistline. Anyway: The waistline has a really strange position in this pattern. Outgoing from the length of the top part and the pants, this jumpsuit is made for very tall women. I’m quite tall too, but this was so long, that there was no way it could fit me correctly.

Fitting the top
Sadly I realized the bad fitting when I already sewed the top and the pants together. So I cut that seam open again und fixed the top first. I just put down the overlapping pieces and moved the center front line 2cm together. I cut the loose part of fabric in the bottom of the top and basted the pieces together again.

Fitting the pants
Fitting pants is difficult. I really cursed when I made this and it took me quite some time. Take this advice: NEVER cut a pair of pants without measuring the pattern first. It’s very hard to correct a bad fitting pants when it’s already cut. In my case the  pants was hanging too low between the legs, in the front and back. Since I couldn’t add some fabric there, I had to cut off the pants part in the waistline, right above the pockets. Doing that i had to make the elastic waistband on the inside thinner. Now the pockets are a little bit too high on the hips, but there wasn’t any way to get them lower without cutting the whole pants pieces again.

Belt Loops
In the tutorial for the pattern the belt is just wrapped loosely around the jumpsuit. I don’t like belts like that, because they tend to slip up or down when I move or sit down. So I added two beltloops on the backside. The belt stays in place now


This jumpsuit took me a lot more work than I expected at first, but I love it anyway. It’s perfect for the last hot days for the summer and even for pre-fall with a cardigan.

  • This jumpsuit is just perfect for working from home:
    • It’s comfortable
    • It doesn’t crincle
    • Nevertheless I can go outside with it without looking like I’m wearing my pyjamas
  • It can look very fancy with high heels and jewellery or very casual with flipflops or sneakers

For all of you who are not working from home: Here is the august’s post from Stef of the blog „Sea of teal“- She made a wonderful suit for perfect office days.

I’m happy that you read my post all the way down here. Please leave me a comment or visit me on Mewe. I hope you miss summer as much as I do.
Have a good time and stay safe

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